Chopper Mike's Story

..where the passion for motorbikes begins

The Story

I was born into motorcycles as my father George’s love of anything with 2 wheels became entrenched in my psyche.

From my early teens I would tinker with trail bikes and once able to obtain my license, I would ride with my mates to bike shows and speedway races whenever possible.

As the years went by, my taste in motorcycles changed from Japanese to British and then to the American marquee brand, Harley-Davidson®

I can only relate the story as follows;

Whenever a Harley went past, I felt my heart palpitate a little and as a matter of fact my wife Anne has the same effect on me to this day.

I am a member of the Harley Owners Group [HOG] and my love for customizing and chopping my Harley, led to my nickname of ‘Chopper Mike’

My passion for motorcycling led me to the idea of sharing my experiences with people from all over the world.

With the support of my wife Anne & son Mitchell, we welcome locals & visitors to the joys of motorcycling on some of the most scenic and picturesque roads and highways in far north Queensland.

Let's Ride!

Chopper Mike

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Wild at Heart

Early Twenties

Harley Dreaming

Early Twenties

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