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These are the available motorcycles for hire.. Please contact us for special deals on longer hires & car hire combinations..
* Our prices include Helmet(s)
Optionals: - Riding Jacket $10 - Riding Gloves $5 - Wet Weather Gear available on request
Most motorcycles are set up for 2 up riding with backrests



Road King 1584cc

As anyone who loves logging miles will tell you, the Road King® motorcycle is one roadworthy piece of machinery. Check out the bold, strong profile. Full fenders. Large chrome headlight and nacelle. Two-piece throne. And the always ready 96® engine residing in the center.

Hire Cost:
1 day AU$240
2-3 Days AU$230
4+ Days on request

from AU$230


Fatboy 1584cc

There can be only one first. With fat handlebars, fat wheels and a fat fender, Fat Boy is still the big-boned heavyweight original in a world of imitators.

Hire Cost:
1 day AU$230
2-3 Days AU$220
4+ Days on request



Softail Custom Chopper 1584cc

Styled to recall the past, the Softail® is a bike for riders who want the comfort of a modern bike with the classic look of a 1940s hardtail. With the Twin Cam 96B™ engine, the Softail® is ready to tour or cruise.

Hire Cost:
1 day AU$220
2-3 Days AU$210
4+ Days on request


Ducati ®

M620IE Monster 620cc

When you choose to ride the Monster, you are not just choosing a bike, but an entire lifestyle.

Hire Cost:
1 day AU$210
2-3 Days AU$200
4+ Days on request



R1200 GS 1200cc [On Road Only]

Who would have thought that a machine with massive cylinders hanging out the sides and a ready to ride weight nudging 230kg would turn out to be the World’s most sought after adventure bike?

Hire Cost:
1 day AU$200
2-3 Days AU$190
4+ Days on request


Triumph ®

Speedmaster 790cc

Triumph aims to build on success of the 'America' model the British manufacturer introduces the new 'Speedmaster' for 2003. Built on the same low-slung chassis and powered by the 790cc twin-cylinder engine, the Speedmaster is tailored for riders who like their cruisers to have a more hot-rod feel.

Hire Cost:
1 day AU$190
2-3 Days AU$180
4+ Days on request


Kawasaki ®

KLR 650cc [LAMS Approved]

The dual-sport bike’s versatility is a hallmark of Kawasaki engineering and combined with a rugged single-cylinder engine that provides incredible fuel efficiency, the KLR 650 is a clear choice as far as all-terrain riding is concerned.

Hire Cost:
1 day AU$180
2-3 Days AU$170
4+ Days on request


Suzuki ®

Gladius 650cc [LAMS Approved]

Destined to those who just approach riding, the new Gladius not only impresses through the way it looks, but with the help of a low seat (only 30.9 inches from the ground) and a fuel-injected, twin plug head engine, which is tuned for low-to-mid range torque.

Hire Cost:
1 day AU$170
2-3 Days AU$160
4+ Days on request


Honda ®

VTR 250cc [LAMS Approved]

Introduced in 1997, the newer VTR250 has been compared to the Ducati Monster in appearance, with a trellis frame, V-twin engine aligned transversely, and initially a similar instrument layout, with no tachometer.

Hire Cost:
1 day AU$110
2-3 Days AU$100
4+ Days on request


Honda ®

CBR 125cc

The Honda CBR125R is safe and easy – ideal for learners or lazy commuters. There’s no getting away from the Honda CBR125R’s tiny dimensions and very modest power output but you can push the Honda CBR125R hard and it doesn’t bite back. Brakes are ideal – progressive with enough power but not too much to catch out the unwary.

Hire Cost:
1 day AU$90
2-3 Days AU$80
4+ Days on request